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Gnight Everybody!


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Gnight EveryOne..

I know your all here for 1 Reason, and 1 Reason alone..

You are a Habs fan.

Lets HOPE we can pull out another Great Game tomorrow, and we can eventually make it to the playoffs....



Well, I suspect there are a few individuals who joined up this forum who aren't 100% Habs Fans. I've been told one person is a Pens fan (so happy he was disappointed yesterday!) and I sense some to be closet Laffs fans in disguise. Let's go on a witchhunt and burn them at the stake! :lol:

P.S. Felt bad and decided to put up a post cuz this thread appears rather lonely!

Have a great day all Habs fan everywhere ;)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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