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Ryan Miller Interview


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  • 1 month later...

Not a happy camper..

but whos that guy huffing and puffing in the background


Hmmmm ... may have been a studio guy noticing Miller's girlfriend sitting quietly in attendance, actress Noureen DeWulf (that's DeWulf, and clearly not de Woof -- see the photo below).


No wonder Miller's been playing so well this year; working to impress someone impressive.

Almost cost Team Canada the Gold Medal at the Olympics, she did. :mellow::D

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Spoke too soon, re: Miller's good play this season. Or, everyone's allowed a bad game.

Miller got pulled after 5 minutes last night against Atlanta after letting in 3 goals. The Sabres ended up losing the game. : Click this to find out if it is another picture of his new girlfriend DeWulf, or if it is an article referencing Miller getting yanked :D (( :lol: OK, who clicked?!? Put your hand up! :D )

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