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Vancouver Olympics 2010


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this is a much needed break, we will have played 63 games after tomorrownight and its the middle of February. it will be a good mental break as well but im sure after 4 or 5 days we will be sick of the break lol.

watch Saku and Finlands efforts for gold go out and enjoy winter maybe take a small trip out of town, alot you can do in 17 odd days or so.

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will be supporting canada to the dislike of everyone i know, the same way that everyone at my school complained at me wearing a habs jersey on a non uniform day lolwtf?

will be watching hockey, bobsled, skiing and snowboarding most probably

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After seeing the news about the guy who died, I don't have much interest in watching the opening ceremonies anymore. :(

But yes, I will be watching pretty much every sport. I love sports too much to not watch - I watched a ton of stuff during the summer olympics and I don't even care about those sports! Besides hockey, skiing is my favorite sport to watch, especially freestyle aerials. I also like figure skating and curling.

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