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Game #63 ~ Flyers @ Canadiens, February 13th, 2010.


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Saturday, February 13th, 2010.
7:00pm ET.




What happened the last time these two teams met?

What, did you forget already?



Same as last game, I'm guessing.

Random picture fun:



& Happy stupid Valentines day (Sunday), everyone.


Anyone have any plans?
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Great GDT Clues. In the words of a famous agent now "HALAK it a lot".

Only thing is I hope the only line change tomorrow is that Markov is back in and that Subban is playing with him.

Thanks :]

Mhm, definitely hope Markov is back. And hope Spacek is okay aswell.

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Forget the standings, this time is personal.





I don't care about the standings anymore. Just hack the bone, take a couple of boarding penalties, and dish out a few cheap shots here and there. I'd also suggest going after their most important players.

The first guy I wanna see go down is Timonen, and that idea has been growing on me for a full two years now. Basically since the Kostopoulos incident.

I don't think I've broken any rules with this post, but I'm sure the refs ... ehhhh ... mods are going to let me know soon enough :lol:

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Great GDT Clues. In the words of a famous agent now "HALAK it a lot".

Only thing is I hope the only line change tomorrow is that Markov is back in and that Subban is playing with him.

Boy, was i impressed with P. K Subban. This kid can fly. What a first NHL game. So poised and unafraid to take off and go with the puck. A very pleasant surprise and so refreshing to see one of our D men explode out of our end and skate effortlessly through the other team. haven't seen that for a long time, maybe since Robinson played. He went end to end at least 3 times and even blew by Gomez on one of the rushes which is no easy feat. I really truly hope he stays up because the kid is the real deal. What a great draft selection he was. We may have finally found a player who can be a franchise type guy.

Now boys, go out and destroy those orange and black hackers today. I imagine Mr Powe won't be around for this one, as he will likely be suspended for one game for the major in the last 5 minutes, which is two bad because some one needs to pound him for the hit on Spacek. He's just lucky the timing of the play did not allow it or he would have been tuned in already. I'd like to see them call up Mr Henry for this one. He would know what to do against these guys.

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Hope Price gets the chance to play again. With Halak not gettig much rest soon would be smart to rest him as much as we can and give Price a chance to come back strong like we know he can.

I hope so too...i mean his team was sleep all around the place when he got scored on, in the 1rs and 2nd period, and they woke up in like the 5 last mins of the 2nd...in the 3rd Price made like 4 key saves that kept them in the game, Habs couldn't stop taking penalties and wouldn't just score the 3rd goal..


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That Might Be Better For Price, I Heard That Markov Flew Out To Vancouver For The Olympics

i would not like to find out that he did that :angry:

The loss last night just makes today's game all the more important. The Habs absolutely must win this game and win it in regulation.

its a must have no way around it need to be ready to compete right from the drop ready to eat....

if we loose this one as well we wont make it, just cant drop 2 in a row in this crucial set

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This games in Montreal... Flyers won't have the fans on their side when they play dirty. This is a new day and a new game, Habs need to come out like they did in 3rd and keep that momentum through 60 minutes.

Unfortunately, I think I'll be missing the game... Going out with the "wife" for a valentines dinner.

Maybe I'll pull a Tim Taylor and have the game playing through earphones or take many trips to the bathroom to check in on the score. :P

Off to work in an hour, maybe I'll see you all later on tonight.

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So it's been a rough a year. Someone mentioned in the yesterdays gameday thread that we need to win about 70% of our remaining games to make the playoffs. It's true and it's going to be extremely difficult. We had Markov out for over 6 weeks, Gionta was out for quite some time, as was Gomez. Not to mention the injuries to Spacek and finally our top goal scorer Cammi out for 6-8 weeks.

Not to make any excuses and as awful as we've seen our Habs perform on some nights there arn't too many teams that would be in the same position to make the playoffs as we are considering all of those injuries. It's been an unlucky year and the chances are of us making the playoffs are difficult, but not impossible as it could very well be considering all of the bad luck we've faced. We need a win in regulation time but an OT victory wouldn't kill us either. It's near the end of the season where you look back at heart breaking points lost through the season and realize how valuable they are now.

I'm pretty negative about our Habs but I honestly feel that if we can make the playoffs through all of this our boys will work some magic in the postseason. Let's start with a win tonight guys.

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