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Leopold Traded

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We need to take into consideration that the 2nd rounder we gave up was not for this summer but a year later. That fact kind of levels off the comparison. IMO both deals are overpayments.

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Then why not get Ponikarovsky for a second rounder??????????????? will be around or over the 30 goal mark and is a big body???

Leafs must be thinking more along the lines of a first rounder ( probably not for this year though) after seeing what a 2nd rounder gets you so far this deadline.

P.S. I have a feeling this will get merged in the trade deadline thread so my apologies in advance to the new mods for contributing to a thread that adds to their workload.

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This isnt a great trade, which means it must be part of a larger deal.

Hopefully Leopold and Letang for Whitney and a mid round pick or something like that.

Not necessarily. It could be Florida was shopping Leopold, and this was the best offer they got, which wouldn't surprise me. Remember that letter Florida sent to its season ticket holders, which basically said they're rebuilding? It could be starting this season, with both Moore and Leopold gone for draft picks. Terrible picks, but still picks.

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Looks good now, got rid of 8th d-man Skoula in the Ponikarovsky deal and have a pretty sweet top 7 d-men. (well good for Pitts anyways since weve never been known as an elite defensive team). Leopold is actually a better shutdown man then I thought since I guess he played that role in Florida but also has good offensive upside.





Guess things ended up fairly well for Pitts, though thats probably the end of the trading since they have like 100k cap space left. :)

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