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Game #73-ottawa @ Montreal,march.22nd,2010


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Nice thread btw. Scanning though the pics I suddenly got the impression that Youppi may be the surprise addition to our team! Can he score? Fight? What number is he wearing?

On a serious note this game is one we have to win. I hope the boys throw out the last game plan against the Laffs and go back to the one that got us 6 straight wins, playing for each other not themselves, forechecking hard, cycling the puck down low and start GOING to the net.

Some guys who need to pick up their games right now and play like some Habs of old (the Richards, Robinson, Lafleur, Cournoyer, Naslund, Savard and Lapointe) are Plakanec, Gomez (please don't use this guy in a shootout anymore, he is awful), Markov, Hamrlik, and A. Kostitsyn. I mention these 5 need to be better and to play with more determination and desire to win because i truly believe these are the guys who the other players on the team want to see giving it their all. If you remeber any of those old Habs i mentioned think of how they played, and how they brought their desire to WIN to the next level. That is what i want to see from our guys, especially those top players. I want to see the blood, sweat and pride that goes with being a true MontreaL CANADIEN. Right now, the only two players that I see that are competing that way are Gionta and Spacek. Hopefully the rest of the team can elevate their level of competiveness to a higher level. If you think I am being too hard on the players, think about this. I do not want to see us squeek into 7th or 8th place again, and then be content with that accomplishment and quickly be gone in the first round. The only way THAT DOESN'T happen to us is if what i am suggesting needs to happen, happens. This team could get 5th or 6th place, if they push for that, and then they could carry that over into the play-offs and be the surprise team of the post season. That is only if they decide to play with their hearts and leave everything they have on the ice each and every shift. I hope the ghosts of days gone by start haunting some of these players soon because the memeories of the old days are slipping from my memory. I just want to see one Hab with the rockets burning eyes, the Flowers calm conviction, Big Birds sudden game changing play and end to end rush or a crushing check. Hope I'm not expecting to much of this bunch but the rebirth has to start sometime so why not now! Lets go boys.

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&danny, it seems that you are summing up all the games since the break into last night's. It's unfortunately true that last night only Spacek and Gio! were 'present' but the others you name played a good stretch before last night. Yes, they need to play better than they did against the Laffs but from reading your post, I'm under the impression you're saying they've been crapping the bed for a while. **scratches head**

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i just dont like ottawa...as a team...and im not really fond of it as a city either...ottawa <_<...*shakes fist* :lol:

ehh but remember what you said about shaking your fist in the GDT yesterday and how that player always seems to score or do something that leads to a goal against us? :P

Maybe it will just cancel itself out and work against the sens instead.

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That pizza moved me up in the money spot yesterday (hat-trick + assist/hockey pool :lol: ).....but I'll settle in keeping him off the score sheet tomorrow night.


what's up with you? first the wrong media, then the wrong guys in your pool ....tsk tsk tsk :lol:

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