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East Vs. West Conference's

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While just looking at the standings, its really amazing how different the East and West conferences are from one another. In the East you have 30 points separating 1st from 8th, while in the West its only 14 points.

I really think the league needs to look at these very noticeable differences and perhaps shake up the conferences. It is really too bad when you have some really strong teams in the West that far more deserve to make it to the playoffs, compared to some lowly East bottom feeders (I'm looking at you Boston!!) I would just like to see the playoffs composed of the top 16 teams in the league, not necessarily their conference.

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It's cyclical. If you were to change it next year you could have the same result again just with different teams in different positions. It's not like the AL East where the Yankees and Red Sox have a consistent advantage, there's a cap floor and cap limit so there should be a level of parity and variation over the next decade.

Having just the top 16 is unfair because of the unbalanced schedule. Imagine being in the best division in hockey, finishing 17th while a team in the other conference with a different/easier schedule gets 16th. It's not really a solution IMO.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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