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Best Hockey Prospect Sites?

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I was just wondering what sites you guys like. We all know about hockeysfuture.com (meh) but are there any other good sites? I know about Mckeens and Future Considerations although I don't know a ton about these sites. I'm not talking about sites that simply keep track of stats, I mean real prospect analysis.

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Well, I don't think this is the type of site you were looking for, but I might as well post it here if anyone is looking for a bit more info on the prospects of this upcoming draft.

There is a site called hockeyprospect.com, and it gives a good detailed pre-draft analysis of a prospect. Unfortunately, you have to pay to see the prospect reports on that site (I don't think you'll be getting your money's worth for the 50/100$ a year for a membership). So what I do is I go on a site called mynhldraft.com, and I click on a player's name (only top 30, but they're the most interesting ones anyways :P), and you'll find the report that comes from hockeyprospect.com. At the moment, I don't think many of the hockeyprospect.com reports are up for this coming draft just yet (just Hall, Seguin and Neiderrieder), but keep checking back for those reports, (especially when the draft comes really close) as I'll guess that all 30 will be up and posted eventually. Also on mynhldraft.com, there are other reports from other sites. For example, Derek Forbert doesn't have a hockeyprospect.com report yet, but there's a report from mnhockeyprospects.com (once again, there isn't much posted up this time, check back when the draft gets close).

But just so you know, this is no hockey's future over here. It's just access to some pretty good reports on the best prospects of this upcoming draft. Once the draft is over with, move on to another site, and wait until next year's hockeyprospect.com reports are written before checking back. Once again, I'm pretty sure this isn't the site you're looking for Roy, but I figured some people mildly interested in this upcoming draft would be reading here, and figured they might like a bit more info on this upcoming draft.

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