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Know of any concerts/tours others may be interested in?

Got any questions about concerts/tours?

Been to a concert and have a review/pics?

etc etc....post 'em here.

As this is different than the "bands" thread, I figured it deserved it's own. Also, as music is a big part of my life (as I'm sure it is with others as well), I thought some may be interested in discussing concerts they are going to, or are intereted in going to, etc.


Slayer w/ Megadeth - July 29th 2010 ............ Molson Amphitheater (Toronto)

Been to the Amphitheater once before (2 years ago, I believe...to see Slayer), and I love the venue. This time, however, I'll be on the floor, gotta try the mosh pit, as intense as it is ;) ! It's not a huge venue, but big/small enough. This'll be my 4th Slayer concert in approx. 4 years. Could be one of the last, as I've heard they are soon to be retiring (no links, no idea where I read that....look it up, I did).

Last concert I went to, which was that of the same band, was at the Bell Center (w/ Marilyn Manson...who spit on me!!! :lol: ). I was on the floor....pretty surreal, just thinking..."I'm standing where the Montreal Canadiens play...WOW". Standing on ice level looking up, opposed to looking down on the action. Not something everyone gets to experience, know what I mean?!

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great thread! i'm always looking to check out good shows.

the osheaga 2010 lineup came out: weezer, arcade fire, metric, pavement, the black keys...to name a few.

super fun!

I so want to go to Osheaga.

But I have no money lol.

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I was at the Billy Talent concert last night at the bell center! anyone else?

great show overall

I watched Billy Talent, AlexisOnFire, and Against Me in London Ontario....It was a great show overall...I loved the songs Saint Veronica from Billy Talent and Young Cardinals from AlexisOnFire already and I love those songs even more after hearing them live.....I think The Northern from AlexisOnFire is an awesome song as well...I didn't mind that song but didn't think it was that great until I heard it live.....

I think Against Me is a really good band as well...and Cancer Bats were at the show too but I missed them

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Hedley in April at mile one centre (st. johns)

i don't even like hedley, but i got tickets for christmas so i better not put them to waste

I don't find Hedley to be that great of a band either but I do really like Stereos and I don't mind Faber Drive either (who have been touring with Hedley)

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Last concert: AC/DC in Moncton with my son last August. The next day was when Sidney Crosby had the Cup in town for 2 days. What a week!

Recent concerts before that: Eagles in Moncton with the whole family, Simple Plan in Halifax with my daughter, Avril Lavigne in Halifax with my daughter, Rolling Stones in Halifax with a friend. Also went to "The Concert on the Hill" in Halifax with the line-up of Nickleback, Daughtry, Finger 11, Hedley, and a few others.

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