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(canadian) Beer Question


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(Am I allowed to speak about alcohol on this board, since there are also minors writing here? Some countries are quite strict in such questions.

If not, just delete my thread. ;) )

Is Molson any good?

The only Canadian beer I drank when I was in Canada was, as far as I remember, Labatt Bleue/Blue and some local Ontarian beer when I stayed in Toronto.

Unfortunately I didn't have a sip of the official Canadiens de Montréal brand, nor of a special Quebecker beer from one of the many Quebecker microbreweries.

But I've got to say that the Labatt tasted quite good for a common lager/pils.

Why I'm asking?

I miss to drink a Molson while the matches, to make the atmosphere even better! (Well, maybe I'm too influenced by the Canadian commercials aswell.)

Anyway the only Canadian beer we used to get here was Labatt's Ice, due to the fact that Labatt is owned by a mainly Belgian company. (The company that owns American Budweiser now too, with a stress on American, because there is also a Czech Budweiser beer! ^^)

I think I have to drink what my fridge has to offer!

Whether a Luxembourgish Simon Pils or a Belgian Hoegaarden wheat beer, both refreshing and yummee! :D

So, is Molson (Canadian or 50 or...) any good?

And which is your favourite beer?

My favourite beers are:

Simon Pils, Simon Noël and Battin Gambrinus for Luxembourgish brands.

Westmalle Tripel, Hoegaarden, Duvel, La Chouffe blonde and Kwak for Belgian brands.

Weihenstephan and Tannenzäpfle for German brands.

Freshly draught Guinness for Irish brands.

Hertog Jan for Dutch brands.


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