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#3 Buffalo Sabres Vs #6 Boston Bruins

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  1. Thu April 15, 2010 Boston @ Buffalo 7:00 PM CBC
  2. Sat April 17, 2010 Boston @ Buffalo 1:00 PM CBC, NBC
  3. Mon April 19, 2010 Buffalo @ Boston 7:00 PM CBC, VERSUS
  4. Wed April 21, 2010 Buffalo @ Boston 7:00 PM CBC, VERSUS
  5. Fri April 23, 2010 Boston @ Buffalo 7:00 PM (if necessary) CBC
  6. Mon April 26, 2010 Buffalo @ Boston 7:00 PM (if necessary) CBC
  7. Wed April 28, 2010 Boston @ Buffalo 7:00 PM (if necessary) CBC
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I'm torn over this one. I live in Boston and don't like the Bruins, but that's as much because I have to deal with the incredibly biased play by play guys who are constantly second guessing the referees when calls go against the Bruins and trash talking the opponent's personnel at every opportunity. It would also be hard to see the Bruins take care of the Sabres because I feel like the Canadiens have shown they could beat Buffalo, and they were so closed to 6th place finish. But I have watched the Bruins come back to life after the dishearening blow to Marc Savard, and I've always found Buffalo to rely too much on their goaltending, so I gotta say I hope for the Bruins, and think this is going to be a close one, at least 6 games

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In the end the loss of Savard will be too much I think. The Bruins offense isnt great and theyre up against probably the best goalie this year. Great goaltending matchup but the Sabres will win in 6, maybe 7.

plus they lost Seidenberg, who was a + in almost every game he played in. Not sure if he is coming back

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Buffalo's not exactly a goal factory either, and Rask has been a good goalie this year. On top of that, Buffalo's top line will have to play against Chara. I expect Buffalo to win, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it go 7.

It's kind of a cool match-up, since both of these teams rely a lot on distributing the scoring load amongst the team and getting good goaltending. Does anyone know if the Sabres expect to have Connolly or Hecht back in time for the playoffs? They could go a long way in turning the series in Buffalo's favour

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i wonder what the tv ratings were for this game compared to tsn and the habs game...what the heck was cbc thinking :blink:

Check out the comments on CBC.ca's story about the game... there are a lot of people who agree :)

To be honest, though, it does kind of make sense. From what I understand CBC had the right to pick two series and they chose Pens/Sens (Canadian team versus Canadian hero) and the Canucks (only Canadian team from the West, only Canadian team with late games). TSN obviously chose the Habs games after that, but I'm sure that when we advance past Washingon we'll see the Habs on CBC in the next round ;)

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