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World Cup 2010


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Was just wondering if anyone knew how on earth a Canadian named K'naan from Toronto (originally Somalia) was selected to have quite possibily the number one hit worldwide. I had no idea this guy was from Canada, and I have been hearing this song everywhere...

What I am confused about, is how the Canadian Olympic committee couldn't find this guy in their own back yard for the Olympic Anthem : Waiving Flag! how apropos.

Go ENGLAND 2010, away the lads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Also, Nelly Furtado (another Canadian) created the theme song for either the Euro or World Cup a few years back (can't remember exactly, I'm leaning towards the Euro though).

This is easy to explain, she sang the official song for the Euro 2004 which was held in Portugal and Nelly Furtado is of Portuguese descent, she even still speaks Portuguese.

My sympathies go to two teams for the upcoming edition of the World Cup:

1. Hup Holland!!!

Why the Netherlands? Well it's the only Benelux team that qualified for the World Cup 2010 and I live in the smallest Benelux country. ;)

2. Forza Italia!!!

I always had sympathies for the Squadra Azzurra and I'm partly of Italian descent, I even speak a bit of Italian! :D

The team I usually hate during such competitions are:

- Germany

- England

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