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Worst Team Of The Decade?

Worst Team of the decade 2000-2010  

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  1. 1. Who Was the Worst team of the Decade 2000-2010?

    • New York Islanders
    • Atlanta Thrashers
    • Columbus Blue Jackets
    • Florida Panthers
    • Los Angeles Kings
    • Minnesota Wild
    • Phoenix Coyotes
    • Chicago Blackhawks
    • Other

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Figured Id try out trying to start a topic.

With the closing of the decade, I wonder who people think was the worst team in the NHL team this decade (2000-2010)

January 1 2000-Dec 31 2009

Here are some of the ones that come to my mind:

NY Islanders (3 playoff appearances, eliminated in Round 1 all 3 times plus all those terrible trades)

Atlanta (1 playoff appearance, swept in round 1 plus traded away all of their superstars, Heatley, Hossa, Kovalchuk)

Columbus (1 playoff appearance, swept in round 1 last season)

Florida Panthers (1 playoff appearance, swept in round 1 in 99-2000, Luongo for Bertuzzi trade)

LA Kings (2 playoff appearances, only once past round 1)

Minnesota Wild (3 playoffs but really only one decent run,)

Phoenix Coyotes (1 playoff appearance, eliminated early, plus financial problems etc.)

Chicago Blackhawks (2 playoff appearances, a good run last year but a basement team for most of the decade)

Of course other teams come to mind as well, Nasville for failing to get past round 1 of the playoffs, New York Rangers for failing often to qualify for the playoffs in spite of them being the team that spent near the most in salary.

Its a very close call between the top 4 that I listed but Id pick the Islanders because of the incredibly one-sided trades that they made: (Yashin for Spezza and Chara and Luongo and Jokinen for Kvasha and Parrish) and the fact that they pretty much unloaded a pile of future picks and prospects 3 years ago for Ryan Smyth and other trade deadline acquistions that were impending UFAs and were quickly owned by the Sabres. They bought out Yashin and are still going to pay him till 2015 on the buyout which will cost about 3 million per year till then. Not to mention they are a mile away from contending even for a playoff spot in the East with so many questions in every part of their lineup. They have good prospects but it will take a while to undo the damage of the past decade. And then there is Dipietro :lol: .

Florida gets honorable mention though, because even though they had stalwart goaltending, the rest of their lineup was full of huge holes, The Luongo trade was probably the worst trade of the post-lockout era, they shouldve traded Jay Bouwmeester last year because he would have brought them multiple high picks/roster players and prospects for the future, better than getting Leopold who they traded for a 2nd rounder and a 3rd rounder.

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Well it's the Laffs of course!

Is this a trick question! :lol:

Yeah ,,,,we need to get a mod in here quick to modify the poll. :P

That vote for other is mine BTW.

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Ah, c'mon guys. How quick are we to forget that the Leafs were pretty good when Pat Quinn was coaching them?

*braces self for flying debris*

Wasnt that back when the Leafs bought there teams pre Cap??? :lol: A lotta good it did them. :P

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Well the Leafs had some good runs early on in the decade, which puts them in the category of Nashville, NYR etc. not a lot of success, but certainly better in terms of the decade compared to the 8 other teams I suggested.

Edit: 5 playoff appearances, one conference final (2002 I believe) no playoffs since 2004 obviously. Post lockout they are obviously one of the bottom two teams along with Florida.

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If we're voting for the worst team that thinks they are a good team, it's got to be the Loafs.

Even when they could buy good players, they couldn't draft them - so many good and great players passed them by in many years of drafts. They picked the lemons when the golden apples still hung on the trees.

So my vote goes to "other"


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I'd say either the Panthers or Blue Jackets, but if I had to pick one team, it'd be the Jackets. Poor season after poor season, and their one postseason appearance ended in a sweep. At least Florida made it interesting near the end sometimes.

I've went with Atlanta. You could say the same thing about them that you said about Columbus ( Poor season after poor season, and their one postseason appearance ended in a sweep), but I think the future is brighter in Columbus with their young players. They just needed a coach change (me think). Atlanta lost superstars for nothing and their GM really hurted his team, trades after trades. They could turn it around with their new GM and if they can keep their young players this time, but they get my vote.

Panthers and Islanders are close. They really are going nowhere as organisations. Islanders got Tavares, at least.

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I say Columbus. Not only did they only make the playoffs once(which was a fluke), but they didn't ever get a good draft pick. That is how to epic fail. They are a scouting embarassement.

i duno if you could actually say ever...they drafted rick nash...thats a pretty good pick lol

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