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#2 Chicago Blackhawks Vs #3 Vancouver Canucks

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Well. Some rubbish calls by the refs didn't help... but I haven't seen the Canucks play quite this badly in a very long time. Maybe since the mid 1980s. It's done.

I think we'll see the Hawks in the finals - unless Detroit can pull some magic off against San Jose.

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Chi and SJ,,,in the west finals,,,,,,,they will beat each other up. The POs are a marathon, those who can't keep up will fall by the wayside. It's also a game/tournament of attrition, those who can weather the storm/injuries will win.

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Off to a good start. :D

2-0 canucks....going into the 2nd.

Yep, and going on the power play :)

They're down to only 4 defencemen though I think.

Salo's gone to the hospital after blocking a shot, and Dustin Buffoon hit O'Brien between the eyes with his stick and was bleeding everywhere :blink:


3-0 Vancouver, PP goal by Bieksa :D with Buffoon in the box

CBC just said O'Brien is back on the ice, so that's good for Vancouver.

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