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On the forum for Jamiroquai fans, called Jamirotalk, a member posted a thread on a Funk, Fusion, House (Acid Jazz ;) ) band based in Winnipeg. The band's name is Moses Mayes.

This member posted also some links to some of the band's tunes, to have a listen. I have to admit that I really like what I was hearing, I immediately bought 3 Moses Mayes albums. Usually I prefer to own music on CD, but there I couldn't do else than buying it via iTunes.

Although the album "Moses Mayes & the Funk Family Orchestra" disappointed me a little bit, because it sounds a bit amateurish, the "Needle to the Groove" and "Second Ring" albums convinced me right away!

"Needle to the Groove" rather instrumental, this album is a little masterpiece for conoisseurs of this kind of music.

"Second Ring" with more singing, this album is perhaps more accessible for people who aren't so much into this kind of music. Nevertheless, it's still genius!

Here some samples of those 2 albums:

Moses Mayes: X (from "Needle to the Groove")

Moses Mayes: Needle to the Groove (from the album with the same name)

Moses Mayes: Intrafusion (from "Second Ring")

Moses Mayes: Tell Me (from "Second Ring")

Moses Mayes: Full Moon (from "Second Ring")

Enjoy listening!

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