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He better not touch number 41. :angry::P

For the first time I am not a fan of either Habs goalies....gonna be a long stress-free season for me (but kind of boring) :mellow:

Just get on the Carey bandwagon!!

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Well I've read good things and bad things about Alex Auld and I don't know what to think yet. But I do know this. There's something in the water in Montreal that the goalies must drink. I've seen over the years bad goalies become good goalies and good goalies become great goalies in Montreal and not be able to do it else where (exept Roy).

So Alex please drink the water from that holy grail. Its kinda funny this happens to our goalies and the reverse happens to our forwards <_<

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"He's big... he's bald... he's Alex Auld!" - The small, bald Darren Pang

Break down of why we signed him

1) Hes a VET - Someone to help teach Price the ropes - Something Price Hasnt had since Huet

2) Hes CHEAP 1 Million - We needed someone Cheap, as we cant afford to blow big $ on a BACKUP to Price

3) I bet we had a list of goalies, We could go down the list, 1 Million Yes no, Next..

4) Hes a big Body

5) He cant be all that bad if hes been in the league this long..

6) What are his stats???

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lol I lived there for 2 years and thoroughly hated it.

I don't blame you. There's not much to do there and it's not even like it's close to a big city. My family is all there, so it's still home for me.

Ironically enough, I'm moving back there for work... I'm praying it's not a permanent move.

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