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Habs Sign Dustin Boyd To A 1 Year Deal

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Nice I've been waiting to hear this, I really like this kid he plays hard and with heart every shift. He'll be great on the 3rd line, this kid is also someone who given a chance can fill in on our top 2 lines when needed. Welcome to Montreal Dustin.

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Really good fit for the 3rd and or fourth line...scoring potential, likely 20 plus points, 10 plus goals, young and cheap...

Were finally paying what third and fourth liners are actually worth -- never mind the 1.5 to 2 millioN

Pyatt, Boyd, Pacs, Moen, Darche, likley Laps, White and Trotter.

500 Pyat

500 Darche

1500 Moen

875 Pacs

650 Boyd

1.2 Laps guessing

500 White guessing

500 Trotter guessing


5 to 6 million for your bottom two lines really good value, if you can swing a trade using Markov, Ak or Both, we become alot better. Fill that whole of our top line of Pleks and Cammer,

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nothing wrong about this deal...pg makes sense with this one...still up in the air about auld though...guess he didnt want to comit 3 years to biron...maybe biron didnt want to come to montreal...ah well...now we still have money to sign price and a little to play with after that

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solid 3rd/4th line player IMO. Great signing by PG on this one, making the money Colby Armstrong deserves, but this comparison has already been made in another thread. Great to see Boyd get signed, I'm excited to see what he'll bring to the table come training camp.

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