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Fifa + Nhl + Nba + Wimbledon

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Anybody else suffering from sports overload?

In order of importance:

1) FIFA world cup

2) NHL free agency

3) NBA free agency

4) Wimbledon

I have not even paid attention to Wimbledon actually. But damn, this is a lot of sports going on, totally distracting me from work !

NBA free agency, while less interesting to me than NHL free agency since I don't follow the game, is far more intense than NHL free agency. The New York Knicks actually told LeBron James he could make 2 billion dollars off endorsements if he played with New York.


Can you imagine Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin hitting UFA at the same time, and then people speculating they might decide to play on the same team? It's a bigger deal in basketball because basketball is far more dependent on individual performance - that's my impression anyway.

Good thing Gainey's summer of reform was last year and not this year, otherwise I might have checked into the ER at age 26.

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YES... finally, someone who feels the same as I do... except I have school and it's over!!! :D

But this year, NBA is ALOT more interesting than NHL (in terms of free agency). I'm not a big fan of all these big name players going to different teams tho. IMO, they should stay with their teams (who have been soo loyal to them) and build a championship like what MJ did.

And of course, FIFA is the #1 priority. Too bad Portugal got eliminated :( . GO ARGENTINA :D

And yea, so happy the HABS aren't rebuilding the team again.

Oh well, it should probably all calm down a few days after the 11th.

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Only hockey and soccer for me so fortunately, there werent any world cup games yesterday and i was off from work like many other canadians so i could follow free agency frenzy all day. as for the world cup, it's only once every 4 years, it's worth the little catching up on work required because time was spent watching the game. we're allowed to take breaks to watch the games in the cafeteria at work as long as we manage to meet our deadlines . today was great :D

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