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2010-2011 Negative Thread

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Guest NvidiaN



I'm being negative because this damned thread was already started :( I was hoping I wouldn't see it until at LEAST training camp.

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For the past three seasons I've watched A.Kostitsyn's numbers decline with his overall play leaving something to be desired...

For the past three year's I've suggested that he be traded and his 3.25 million taken off the books to create cap room...

He is still a Hab being given a top-six responsibility that he doesn't deserve and valueable cap dollars are being wasted.

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Why is this thread on the first page now??

Can we at least wait until Carey's first loss? :mellow::rolleyes:

there are negatives that dont have anything to do with carey price believe it or not ;) for example, me leaving work at 9 pm so i could not accomplish my mission to go take pics of the posters on the bell centre <_<

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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