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Happy 4th Of July

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i wonder how independent we are, since smith and wesson, or colt, or whatever seems to be our allegience to king/queen. i mean the amount of love and money we spend on guns and ammo we might just as well have crowns and scepters. and that's just the beginning.

we're nuts. and i say that as an observer of human nature over a very long period of time.

on the other hand it seems that canada has done quite well for itself and can even suppose to support teams within its own boundries that have two different cultures, uhh, say like the habs and toronto? LOL heh heh.

so when you guys wish us a happy 4th of july-- i mean-- thanks. really appreciate it, cause politics is like my second religion, and support for peoples and ideas that aren't necessarily your own is just very pleasant to experience, and i feel very honored to be among such gentle souls.

i mean it.

thanks again

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