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Announcement: The Quote Library


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Hello all,

As you may have noticed, the new player threads for the 2010-11 season are up. This season, we've introduced a new section for each player: the Quote Library. The purpose of this section is to gradually build up a collection of quotes about each Montreal Canadiens player, acknowledging the contributions of our players and, in the process, creating a rich, unique archive of collective forum memory.

With this in mind, we'd like to issue an open invitation to each member to find and post quotes relating to our Montreal Canadiens players. Quotes can range from an analysis of a player's on-ice strengths to a teammate's personal evaluation to a player describing his own performance on a given night, and all points in between.

Requirements for submitted material:

  1. Must reflect positively on the player
  2. Must not contain obscene or objectionable language
  3. Must be properly sourced (name of publication, date of publication, and working URL)
  4. Must be from a legitimate source (no fan forums)
  5. Must be submitted in the relevant player thread (e.g. you would submit a Gomez quote in the Gomez thread)

Periodically, we will update the Quote Library section for each player to reflect any changes in content. Anyone who submits a worthy quote to the Quote Library will have his or her user ID appear in parentheses after the citation. So don't worry, you'll get credit for your work! :)



on behalf of the moderating team

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The signing of Jaro Spacek was absolutely a stroke of genius, when Markov went down in the first game last year the Habs season would have been over before it had begun. His play against Ovechkin in the playoffs showed how far he has come from being an offensive defenceman in Buffalo to a shutdown defenceman in Montreal. His versatility has been amazing who could have known obviously the Habs.

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