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so right now I'm finishing up a training session to become a CNA/orderly/prepose au beneficiaire/patient service assistant. And I was thinking that maybe after one year or 2 of working experience in Montreal, I might move out of the province.

I was thinking of going either in the military, London, Ottawa or Toronto.

I'm thinking of Ontario, because the tax bracket I'll be in seems pretty good. I know that London has a pretty low cost of living. Ottawa is a little cheaper than Montreal. All 3 cities mentionned pay PSA's pretty well, especially London. Toronto is the most expensive choice obviously, but i considered it because it's the biggest Canadian city.

I'm sure there's plenty of you people who have resided in at least one of the 3 places I mentionned and I would like your feedback.

Is London real rednecky? Will I need a car? How dense and urban is the place? Are the London Knights the only fun thing to do?

Ottawa seems pretty cool

Will Toronto be worth it? Are Torontonians really that bad? Is the city center extremely expensive? And do I need to commute a long way to have fun if I don't live Downtown or in Spadina?

No need to bring up the Leafs, we all know they suck

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I just moved to Toronto in March and I must say I do not regret it one bit. If you like to travel else where to see family - I would suggest a car, but if you are planning on staying in Toronto or what ever - I would not worry about driving...just money is all. Some Toronto people are bad and it for sure sucks if you live far from everything....but if you meet the right people and get the right routine..you will be golden

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