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Habs Front Office/scouting Changes

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I'm a little late on Part 1 of this, which is the Habs appointing Larry Carriere as AGM/Director of Player Personnel.

The AGM role was vacant since Gauthier was promoted and the extra role of Director of Player Personnel is an extra way of having him oversee Professional Scouting and have an extra person in Timmins' ear.

The Habs also added several new scouts. Ryan Jankowski, the Islanders former AGM/Director of Scouting comes on as a Amateur Scout. It looks like he'll come in the role of a cross-checker, which I find very odd considering his resume barring a large amount of dollars thrown his way. He's been part of a great system rebuild in New York, so there could be worse pick ups.

After going with multiple European scouts the last few years, one for Russia, Finland and Sweden amongst others the Habs have cut their European scouting. Aside from Hannu Laine who covers Finland, it looks like Christer Rockstrom will be covering Europe for the Habs and I imagine the bigger scouts will come over when he beckons.

The Habs also made several other hires in their scouting department, as well as bringing on a computer guy. Whether his role is in video, schedule coordinating or statistical analysis isn't said.

Press Releases are linked, but here they are again:



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It's one of these situations that'll take years to see the outcome... We'll just have to wait and see.

I didn't have too many issue's with the x-scouts... When it came to early round picks they could've been better, but did a good job with late round picks.

I don't know if I would've fired them, maybe just add to the team... Someone who had a good eye for 1st & 2nd round picks.

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