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Best Jerseys?

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We all have a preference for a jersey or another. Some may like the CH home jersey; others would like the CH away jersey and others still would favor the Blackhawks' Indian-headed, home jerseys.

What are your favorite jerseys?

Hab: CH home jersey

Non-Hab: Nashville home jersey

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Guest Carey_Price

Habs - Both, i've got a red Cammalleri centennial

Hawks - Red, i've got a red Kane

I also like the Rangers jersey, I might get a Jagr one in the near future

Apart from that I also like the Baby blue penguins one as another member mentioned it.

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Well, the Habs jerseys most commonly referred to as the Holy Flannel are the current home and away Hab jerseys. I'm sure that Leafs and Bruins fans must have burned a few Holy Flannels in an attempt to reverse the fortunes of their teams.

Agreed and they've picked up our former players etc. etc. etc. and none of that has brought them the Stanley Cup. It must be extremely hard to be a fan when your team hasn't won in 40 years, almost feel sorry for them :lol: :lol:

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Here's my top 5:

  1. Habs red
  2. Pens powder blue
  3. Wings white
  4. Flyers orange
  5. Islanders blue (third jersey traditional)

The one I call the "cheesepuff board"? The one jersey that earned the ungainly nickname of cheesepuffs for the Flyers during the last playoff run? For me it has to be the best of any non-Original Six jersey.

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