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Canadian Interuniversity Sport And Nhl?

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I have a question aimed at whoever follows college hockey: are there any AHL/NHL players that came from Canadian Interuniversity Sport? If so, were they offered an entry-level contract or an UFA deal?

There are certainly former AHL players in CIS hockey, but going the other way is pretty rare. I think I did hear a year back or so a former LU Thunderwolves goalie had a tryout with an AHL team, but I'm not 100% sure.

The reason is that CIS doesn't really go for the same players as NCAA. Basically, in Canada the main two routes to pro hockey are:

1. Play major junior (CHL) until you're around 18-20 and if you're good enough, go pro

2. Play Tier 2 junior, then go to NCAA when you're around 18, then go pro

So what CIS often ends up with is major junior players who didn't get offered an NHL contract. Some of them could probably find pro deal somewhere, but for that low of money they may prefer to get an education. There are also some former pros who spent a couple years with an NHL team in the minors but their contracts weren't renewed. NCAA is more about future players, while CIS is players with little potential in hockey getting an education. That said, it is still high quality hockey, although in head-to-head matchups, the NCAA so far is pretty decisively the better league.

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The Hamilton Bulldogs signed former McGill Redman David Urquhart last month. He played in the AHL for the last two years. I'm sure there's a lot more former CIS guys in the AHL.



The article says "He is the eighth McGill player to skate in the AHL and the third to play for the Bulldogs."

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