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“As soon as Montreal showed interest, I was pretty excited. To be able to put on that jersey and play in that city for that team is a tremendous honor,” said Halpern after signing his new deal on Tuesday. “I’ve played in the NHL for a long time, but I’m probably more excited for this than I’ve been at any point in my career. It’s a special feeling to join this organization. [...] I’ve played in some of the most southern cities with great weather and great organizations, but I’m a bit of a hockey nerd,” admitted Halpern. “I love being around it and I love when people are talking hockey and they’re kind of breathing the sport so the chance to play in that environment is a special thing for me.” canadiens.com, September 7 2010
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Jeff Halpern is going to be a great addition to this team, I couldn't be happier, I have known him personally for about 15 years now and he has great character, since he played junior hockey here in Ontario!

Essentially we get Dominic Moore with a little more grit more experience and maybe a shade less offensive upside, but for this price tag its a great deal... cant help but wonder why we signed Darche to a one way contract now that we have this signing, it will be very interesting to see how everything fits together... Halpern will be a great guy though to come in and win big faceoffs and kill penalties for the habs, letting some of those top four guys get a bit of a breather...

The way I see it,

Kostitsyn - Pleks - Cammy

Pouliot/Eller - Gomez - Gionta

Pouliot/Eller- Halpern - Lapierre

Pyatt - Boyd - Moen

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I really like this signing: as people have already pointed out this is basically Dominic Moore for $600 k. He's not Ovechkin: he's not going to score 50 a year, but for $600 K we're not asking him to, we just want him to play smart hockey, show some grit, be a leader and score some goals here or there. And he's a righty. He's a very smart player. I love it.

It does make you wonder where Darche is going to play. I like all the players so much, I wonder where everyone fits. Habs 101 had some good line combinations, so I'll stick with that.

And if there is ever a place with a fan base that "breaths" hockey, this is it. He came to the right place. Win us a Cup and we'll know who you are forever.

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Guest olddude

Good veteran pick up with a little size and a right hand shot. Welcome aboard Jeff and I'll have to remind you of the old saying, "be careful what you wish for". Montreal doesn't breathe hockey, hockey breathes Montreal.

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here we go again signing all these vets and not leaving any spots for the kids to come in an show some of their skills.....I would sooner have banked this 600000 and waited to see where we are in the standings and then decide if we needed a good vet down the stretch and hopefully in the playoffs. this effects a kids in the organization more then anything...let the kids play 8 to 10 minutes a game on the 3rd and 4th lines to see if they have what it takes...

don't like this move for any reason.

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:lol: 20 goals on the 3rd 4th line with the Habs..playing a defensive game.... :o

Besides if that miracle ever happens it has to be Lapierre that gets 20 goals (so we can watch somoene eat their jersey). :lol:

I'm always torn...good vet, but takes away ice time from the youngsters.



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