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Like most of you, I too am heading into draft time in my fantasy hockey league. This year, my regular group of friends and acquaintances have decided to add the keeper element to our league. We have committed to a 3 year contract of participation and are set for the most important draft to date during the first weekend in October.

And so, to all you knowledgeable hockey fans I ask;

Who do you think...

1. will be the top 3 players this year?

2. will rebound from a poor showing last year?

3. will suffer from the sophomore/contract extension jinx and should be avoided?

4. will pick up right where they left off last year, and continue to excel?

5. will be the top goalie?

6. will be the top rookie?

7. will come out of nowhere and be the sleeper pick no one saw coming?

Here are my thoughts thus far;

1. Ovie, Crosby, and D. Sedin ( I think he would have topped his brother last year, had he not have missed so many games to injury)

2. Vinny - This guy had a terrible year by his standard. I think with the changes the Lightning have made, he should get back to Top 10 form in no time.

3. Chris Stewart - This guy was my best sleeper from last season, but I don't think the Avs did enough in the off-season to help him to keep going.

4. Tyler Myers and Cammalleri - I don't Myers will ever begin to backtrack and will soon be the leagues Top D-man. Cammy will have a great year with 35+ goals.

5. Luongo - Although he's getting old, I think relinquishing the C will let this guy breath a little more and focus directly on his own game. I think the Nucks will have a big year this year.

6. Eller or Svenson - Would love to see a Hab take it, but with the Oilers filled to the brim with young talent, I think Svenson will come out on top.

7. Horton - Although I hate to give the Booins any credit, I really like what they did in the offseason. I think players like Horton will explode on that team. Maybe eclipse 30 goals??

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