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Jersey Question (i Swear Its Not Asking Who To Put On)

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Alright folks, got a question for the smarter ones out there (ok, maybe not smarter but more knowledgeable in this area :lol:)

I got a jersey a couple of years ago with Kovalev on it. Now it's not a decision I regret, I wear it out sometimes with no problem (like to the Habs Alumni game). However, I cheaped out and got heat pressed instead of stitched....

The problem is the numbers are peeling and so is the "A" and one of the arm numbers.....

Since I'd rather now just take it off than try to keep gluing it all on, I'd prefer to probably get it taken off and get a stitched name thrown on.

Anyone have a good way of removing heat pressed that's easy to do and won't potentially damage my jersey?

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CORSON! :) haha.

Seriously though, there are a few ways to do this. Its a lot easier if its new (ie. less than a couple of days) because the adhesive wont have cured properly. Since its been much longer than that, it will be harder.

In my printing department we have a special heat-gun for shrink wrapping that produces enough heat to really work the adhesive - a normal hair dryer might work (with a lot more patience) but if you have access to a painter's heat gun, that would probably be better. Its all going to depend on the grade of adhesive though. If its peeling already, I think you might have a chance.

The second option is acetone. You can get it in your local hardware store. Im not sure if nailpolish remover would work (its essentially all acetone anyway) but I think the stuff in the hardware store is more pure. What you want to do is flip the jersey inside out & apply acetone to the backside of the letters/numbers. Start out with just one, just in case, but Ive never seen this stuff damage the fabric itself. You will have to play around with how much to use & how long to leave it on, but it should work - probably better than the heat to be honest.

Good luck.

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So after much time I finally decided to just go with it.

Got some Acetone and went to town, the big part of the work is done (lettering and numbers are off). Now I just need to finesse the rest of the glue off and work the areas so they blend a bit better. Overall not a bad project and the jersey isn't ruined. I'll try to post a pic of the back when its all done and the glue outlines are all gone.

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Didn't you hear the latest....WE JUST SIGNED KOVALEV.


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