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My First Nhl Game, Boston Vs Phoenix

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Not sure if this deserves a thread of its own but I didn't know where to post this experience I wanted to share..

I got a chance to see the NHL premiere here in Prague and although the teams involved couldn't interest me less, I kinda thought, hey - it's Boston. This is your chance to show your well-developed hatred for them! :P And obviously a chance to see NHL action as well, as I don't have the funds to travel overseas for a game.

The arena was rather silent most of the times - although the majority of people were on Bruins' side, which ticked me off mightily - so it was pretty easy to let out some quality boos every time His Ugliness himself was involved in the play. Best moment? We were sitting close to the net and in the second period, Chara took the puck along the boards, I booed from the bottom of my lungs and he botched an easy pass. I know it probably wasn't a result of my heartfelt disrespect but boy, did it felt good!

The Bruins got shelled and were losing 4-0 (the second goal was a thing of beauty, perfect passing by the 'Yotes). Rask really saved their bacon on numerous chances, otherwise the goal difference would be even bigger. The final score was 5-2, Boston kind of woke up after a decent fight between Campbell and Fiddler. Radim Vrbata was the first star, picking up two goals and an assist.

In overall, it wasn't the Habs (at least I spotted two more CH's in the crowd and high fived a guy in a Koivu jersey), but still my first NHL game will be forever etched in my memory. As the day the Booins got spanked :lol:

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