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Happy Thanksgiving 2010!


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To my Canadian neighbors - Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day, be safe, enjoy family and friends and stuff yourselves silly with good food and cheer.

BTW...............what do you folksies enjoy for dinner on the day of celebrating "thanks" for good fortune? Just curious. Turkey, mashed potatoes and filling take over the kitchen in my part of the world. The filling is plain with maybe the exception of saffron but no pineapple, nuts or apples and such. And then either pumpkin pie or mince pie is for dessert.

My word, I'm getting hungry.

(Disclaimer: I never started a thread so please excuse me if I botched this one :huh:)

Anyway..........be safe and enjoy your day!

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Thanks FH#10! Hope you have a good Thanksgiving as well.

As for food, well, my mom's side is Italian so we usually have a bit of pasta before (I know how stereotypical :rolleyes:) before the main course. Which concists of turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, asperagus or beans or broccoli, shrimp sometimes in a garlic butter sauce and salad. And for desert we usually have apple pie, pumpkin pie, tiramisu, baklava and anything else my nonna decide to make.

Wow, its only 10 am and i'm hungry, can't wait 'til later.

Enjoy everyone!


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Happy thanksgiving everyone :)

I always go to my neighbours house for thanksgiving (went last night). Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, carrots, gravy, cranberry sauce, olives, shrimp and brussel sprouts for dinner. Cheesecake, ice cream and birthday cake (my aunt's birthday) for dessert.


Today is my birthday! And happy Thanksgiving everyone! :D

Happy birthday!

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Guest Carey_Price

I already had my thanksgiving dinner last night...turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, steak and gravy with a delicious cheese cake for desert :D. Too bad i'm vegetarian and could only have the mashed potatoes :lol:

Anyways, happy thanksgiving everyone, have a great dinner!!

Today is my birthday! And happy Thanksgiving everyone! :D

Happy birthday!! :D

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