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Game #4 - Montreal Canadiens @ Buffalo Sabres


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If Price keeps playing like he has been....our chances are great!


According to last game...Apparently they aren't that great... :P:mellow:<_<

Who Said :P

Habs I/O

Carey Price will start in goal tonight. Defenceman Alexandre Picard will return to the lineup in place of Ryan O'Byrne and Mathieu Darche will also be a healthy scratch.

Tonight marks the 40th anniversary of the Sabres' first game _ they lost 3-0 to the Canadiens _ and Henri Richard and former Sabre Floyd Smith will participate in the ceremonial faceoff prior to the game

Time To Repeat History & Win In Buffalo On There 40th Anniversary, Like 40yrs Ago Today GO HABS GO

4 - 2 MTL :)

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Great GDT HRF I like your style I just wish I could do it but all I can offer are my rhymes

Carey lad you are doing great

I just wish we didn't have to wait

For the rest of the team to get game hats on

They had better hurry the season will be here and gone

Thats not quite true of everyone

But some of the plays have been really dumb

Pleks you always are the most consistant

Why can't the rest be more instant

Ak your last game was just fine

You have to work hard to stay on that line

Cammi you work with moves to spare

A few more good ones will get you there

Gio the captain you have been named

You will be the first to be blamed

Gomez just try and keep the puck

Gotta work hard don't trust to luck

Moen will be up front today

Soldier he is will always play

Pouliot last game you did really try

Just relax chill might make you fly

Lars I really like what I see

You would be upfront if it was up to me

Laps you just have to work the game

Keep your mouth shut it drives me insane

Pyatt you work harder every day

You look like you will always earn your pay

Boyd getting to know you is really fun

You skating might help us in this years cup run

Halpern I like to see you out there

Playing like you really care

Hal you have an A to fulfill

Just keep poke checking I know you will

Josh you don't make to many errors

But when you do they are terrors

Hammer we are glad to have you back

Without you your experience we really lack

Spacek keep on shooting hard

Watching you sometimes my nerves get jarred

Picard i don't know what to say

I haven't really watched you play

Sabban you will be great indeed

But to listen to others is what you need

I know it's fraustrating for you to reign in

But it's better than spending your time in the bin

Obie and Darche you are our important backup

Don't worry you will help us get the cup

Markie I hope you are nearly well

Might play next week who can tell

Tonight we have to play in their end

Can't let them in our zone, anytime spend

We know you have the soul and heart

Just let every player play his part


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Go habs! i Feel a hat trick from laps coming on :P

I really wish that he could but not when he spends so much time in the box he doesn't need to shout his mouth off he is good enough without that he should put that energy into playing but I do love him,you have to don't you he makes me laugh.

But why is it players like him and Avery who can really play need to spout off


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If the team gets a "miracle" from (soon-to-be) St. Andre tonight.....I'm afraid it'll be more of the same

Add another loss to the tally

Most of the team is disinterested, the coaching is questionable and no one is stepping up to lead this team

Are the Habbies becoming the Maple Leafs of last year?

Good Luck Price........soon they'll have to treat you for PTSD....at the rate the opposition is walking in on you....undettered

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Come on guys come out fast and strong

To get a goal please don't take long

You have to keep a hold on the puck

That takes effort not just luck

Out of the box you have to stay

If you want to get to play

Our power play is abysmal

The out looks looking rather dismal

We are not too bad on the power kill

Sometimes that is when you show your skill

But if penalties we didn't take

Perhaps more chances we can make

We are behind you all the way

But you need to do more if you want us to stay

We know it's only four games in

But already we have spent so much time in the bin

Laps if you must do your dance

Make it clean don't take a chance

We are at the bottom for shots on goal

So come on boys play your role

We want to get to the to the ultimate prize

There are no excuses not even your size

So come on HABS just win tonight

Scores some goals make it right


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Thanks FH10 I try to please hope they make you smile sometimes

Lindy Ruff tried us to outplay

That was in a bygone day

But tonight it won't be the same

We have really got his game

We are going to skate as fast as can be

That should help us wait and see

That guy really gets my goat

He likes to win and then to gloat

He has this look that's really smug

How does he live with that ugly mug

Likes to shout at the referee

Has a big mouth don't you agree

Well tonight we are going to win

So we can see the droop in his chin


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