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Game #4 - Montreal Canadiens @ Buffalo Sabres


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Here we gooooo.

Quick question, how come on RDS they always seperate numbers with , rather than . for example Price's GAA was shown as 2,95 and not 2.95.

In French they use commas instead of decimals for stuff like that, and in money. So like in English if something costed $20.50 you'd write it 20,50$ in French

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wow that kinda sucked for a 40th anniversary celebration...I guess it just shows no one does it better than the good old habs

They have 100 years to get it right. :P

Amen to that I really miss Dick Irvin

So do I dude, was just a kid the first time I heard him say," Lemaire brings the puck into the zone, over to shutt, shutt over to lafleur-Lafleur scores!".

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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