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New Webiste, Looking For Some Writers!


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Hey all, I've been an habs fan all my life and try to catch every game I can. So I decided to make a Canadiens blog site. The site is called canadienszone.com and I just got it up and running yesterday. If you've ever been to habs inside out, my site is alot like it providing visitors with canadiens updates, trade rumors, pregames, postgames, and Canadiens news from around the web.

Right now I'm in the process of marketing the website. You know getting the name out there and I am also looking for creative writers. I thought what better place to recruit than this forum. I've been a member for a while now and am pretty amazed at the opinions and logistics of your guy's posts.

Along with post updates I have a roster page with the updated canadiens roster and lineups along with each player's player profile, a video section featuring montages and canadiens videos I made. I hope to put a canadiens salary cap page later on.

Well if anyone would like to be apart of this site as a columnist Id be happy to partner up with you. Right now I'm very busy with all the logistics so you've gotta be patient. I'm looking for writers who've been habs fans their whole life and have something to say about the team, im not looking for run of the mill write ups you might find on the "professional" sites like tsn, im looking for stuff that spills the beans and gives it to the reader. Passionate fans who have something to say. Please PM me if your interested and we can work something out.

Send me a sample of your work, and Ill look it over, im not strict at all. Ill ask for your Alias name and post your work ( If I like it) with all the credit going to you. Right now I have a couple of advertisements on the site but I'm not making any money. Once the site gets a little more popular I should start to see some. My hope is to be able to pay you guys for your work eventually.

Check out http://canadienszone.com/, and let me know. Thanks!

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