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Game #11 Panthers @ Montreal,sat.30/10


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i think its markovs fault to be honest..he disrupted the chemistry im sorry i had to say that

you're the one who started auld, so as not to hold him out till this game!

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Frustrating the HELL out of me tonight

Well...no surprise to at least see Price give us a chance to win tonight.

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I have not been impressed with Cammalleri this season at all. I know he's a slow starter so I'm giving him time, but I find that for the most part, his play has been equal parts lazy, selfish, impatient, and sloppy.

This has more or less been my opinion as well. He simply has not been remotely what we witnessed in the playoffs. Not even a fraction.

And yay, what a fantastic, oh my apologies failtastic powerpl.. oh look at that. They scored!

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