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Game #15 - Canucks @ Canadiens, November 9th, 2010


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This Is The First Of Two Meetings Between The Montreal Canadiens & The Vancouver Canucks, This One In Montreal Nov 9/10 & The Other In Vancouver Feb 22/11.

Game 1 @ The Bell Center In Montreal





Almost Forgot This Is Vancouver's 40th Anniversary, So Happy Anniversary


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Great job on the GDT there Forza.thgreat_job.gif

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Great GDT Forza a winner we hope

Now this game is gonna be hard

Louongo's playing in his own backyard

I don't want to berate the fact

Co's we know what's happened to our attack

So take a deep breath and come out skating

Those b***** orca's will be waiting

We can beat them we've done it before

But we have to score a few goals more

Now this week is a test

Co's we are playing some of the best

We have to get our game heads on

Or this season will be long

But we have faith we know our team

They are not as soft as they may seem

We have the skill we have the guts

We have to give it all there are no buts

So come on guys just relax

Use your skill don't overtax

Your brains about what has been in the past

Any goal slump will not last

We know our team can play just fine

But those Canucks won't stay back of the line

So come on HABS prove us right

Give us a win tomorrow night


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As for the game, we're screwed ... It'll be a slaughter ... It won't even the Sedin's who kill us, it'll be Manny Malhotra and Raffi Torres ...

Sick of our coaching and pp coach <_< *shakes fist*


I'm not sure that it's a solution to our lack of production problem.

Coach JM has not even come up with one. :angry:

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Hey come on guys we're going to win this one.


But we have to score a few goals more

Oh oh :huh:

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I almost want to throw-up with digust at seeing Maxim at the right-wing on Gomez's line. I'm not sure that it's a solution to our lack of production problem. :lol:

well, maybe he'll start to make those funny faces at gomez, you never know what can happen after :lol:

Hmm... maybe I wasn't too far off the mark:

The buddy-system: As with any family, certain relationships that develop are stronger than others. That’s just the case with Scott Gomez and Maxim Lapierre who will find themselves taking on the Canucks as linemates come Tuesday night.

“We definitely get along pretty well. It’s always easier to communicate and tell someone what you really think when you’re friends – even if it’s something they may not want to hear. That’s the kind of relationship we have,” said Maxim Lapierre, who plans to maintain his trademark style of play after being moved to a line with Gomez and Kostitsyn. “I can’t show up tomorrow thinking that I’m going to score 50 goals. It’s still going to be all about going to the net and finishing my checks, and by doing that it should give Scott and Andrei the chance for some great scoring opportunities.”


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