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Game #16 - Montreal @ Boston - 7:00pm


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Nice thread!

I hope the Bruins are tired out after their big third period last night. Furthermore, I hope the momentum from that explosive comeback has fizzled out.

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Nice GDT moosehead.

We need a win tonight... This is a 4 point game, that we need to win id we want to stay on top in our division. Going to work, but will be back for the game. See you all at puck drop!

See ya There

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Another Nice GDT!

As for the game, I'd like to see more than 2 goals for our goalie to work with. Another thing, how about we don't allowed 19 shots in the last period. Oh, how about we score on PP's? I know we scored on last game, woop-dee-doo, let's do this consistently. If we can't control this game, with Boston coming off a hard 7-4 win last night, all I can do say is AGH <_< *Shakes Fist* WIN THE GAME <_<

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I think we're in for a good one tonight. Overall, I believe the Bruins are a better team. They're tougher and more physical. They have depth at the forward position. And they have two pretty good goalies. I've never been a Tim Thomas fan and I think he's one of the two dirtiest goalies in the league, along with Dwayne Roloson, but I have to give the guy credit for the start he's had this year. Most of all, I think Claude Julien is a very good coach, certainly a better coach than the guy we have. But the Bruins are also coming off of a hard-fought victory against the Pens last night and are playing without two of their top three centers. I have no doubt they are going to come out hitting and try to be physically-imposing against some of our smaller guys. I am fairly sure their game plan will be to target Subban and Markov in the early going. But I also think that we have a good chance of winning this game if we stick to the following game plan:

- the most important thing will be to be quick moving the puck out of our own zone. The first pass has to be great tonight so we don't give the Bruins bruisers time to get in on our defence.

- take Bergeron out of the game. Not literally, but the Habs need to cover this guy well. He's playing with Lucic and Horton now, but those two guys benefited from having Krejci with them up until now. If you take Bergeron out of the equation, suddenly the puck-moving ability of the two bigger guys becomes much more limited. I don't know that we match up well with Lucic or Horton, but if they're not getting as many pucks, they become much less of a threat.

- I'm not sure who's going to be in nets tonight for the Bruins, but we need to do a much better job getting to the net and getting the goalie off his game with screens and traffic and the occasional brush-up to let him know we're there. Especially if it's Thomas... the guy has an awful temper on the ice and one of the reasons for our success against him in the past is when we're able to get him chasing after the refs or trying to hack our guys when he should be concentrating on the puck. Other than Chara, the Bruins don't have any studs on D and they're going to need a solid goaltending performance, so let's make that guy's job as difficult as we can. Moen, Darche, Pouliot, AK, Lapierre... they need to be parked where it makes the Bruins netminder's job difficult.

Prediction for tonight: Habs 3, Bruins 2

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Great job on the thread moosehead, love the old fashion look and it's very appropriate for this old fashion matchup. :)

FINALLY the Booins! :D I have no feeling one way or the other in terms of game result but I expect to be entertained. I'm hoping for a Habs win of course and I know that they can do it if they play as a team and don't have too many brain cramps. Speaking of which, it's Gomez' 800th game tonight, hopefully it'll mean something B)

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Really good GDT Moosehead hope it's a winner

This game tonight will be the test

This is the one we want, forget the rest

This is the game we have to use our speed

To score goals is what we need

We have to get out there and skate really fast

From the first whistle until the last

our best defence against the Bears

He who wins is the one that dares

The only way we can win this match

Is scoring goals by the batch

We have to play this game with conviction

We have to give Carey all our protection

Our forwards have to be stupendous

A win tonight would be tremendous

I say leave Gomez on the bench

Relieve our players of the stench

So come on guys get ready to play

This is the win we really need today


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I dont expect the back to back nights will affect the Bruins in the least. Its early in the season and they've played less games then most teams ( although they were in Europe). Get to Rask early and often should be the game plan.

P.S. I love the old fashioned game thread too. Great job. ;)

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I'm hoping for a goal break-out game, get that pp going already, Gomez Gionta and Cams load up the net.

Les Habs victoire 5-1

[/quotThat is wishful thinking Knuckles I mean Chris Nilan Carey hasn't let more than three goals yet this season. As long as the Habs stick to the gameplan we should get these 4 points.Go Habs Go!

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Guest olddude

Nice gameday thread MooseHead,love the poster look. If the Habs put in half as much effort, they'll win for sure. Our forwards are seriously over due, lets hope they light it up tonight.


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