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Game #18 - Flyers @ Canadiens November 16th 2010


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Sorry guys, i'm doing this at work so this might be a tad crappy :P


After almost geting swept in the eastern conference finale, Habbies will have to come together and fight off the cheesepuff mob once more. With price in the net and Plekanec comming off a 4 point night, the flanelle has all the necessary tools to smash the mob and win.


Habs lines










Boyd scratched, Markov Injured

PP line 1



PP line 2



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Love the GDT not scrappy at all

This is the game we want the most

These cheese puffs who made our post season post

We have to be good on our penalty kills

Against the team who spoiled our thrills

Carey will have to be the same

We really don't want to lose this game

Pleks we know how hard you will work

Giving your all don't know how to shirk

Gio and Cammi more goals if you please

We don't want to hurt them just to tease

Spacek and Hammer keep it tight

We know you will be alright on the night

Gomez these are our very best foes

You really have to be on your toes

AK this is the time you have to be hard

Can't let them beat us on the score card

PHD we are banking on you

You know just what you have to do

The other G and G will have to be blocking

At the Bell when every one's rocking

Lars this is your chance to shine

So you can get further up the line

Laps we know how you hate this team

Just play hard and really mean

PK just keep skating past

They can't keep up they can't last

Picard this game will be a test

To see if you are among the best

Moen you have to just keep shooting

If we want to give these cheese puffs a booting

Pyatt or Boyd which ever of you play

Work very hard so you can stay

This is the game we have to show

What we want every one to know

Just how great our HABS can play

We are the HABS and we're here to stay


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Tanx for the GDT fz91,,,,,,Mucho Grass,,,,

Gonna be a tough one for sure,,,,gotta get these animals back in the cage,,,,,,and below us, where they belong. It will be tight, but we can do it. I hope they are in tough with Ott. tonite and don't have the horses to play against us.

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Great GDT FZ91!

Hope your luck is as good as your photoshop skills. :P

Going to be a tough game... We need to be more physical in this game, take control early and don't take the foot off the pedal til the final buzzer sounds. I know it's becoming common place, but our D has to step up with the loss of Markov.

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Another sweet lookin GDT on the Habs Forum!!

As for the Canadiens, no time to sit back and take things easy. Coming off a good week, that ended with Markov being lost to injury. We need to keep playing hard and racking up the wins. This won't be easy, the Flyers didn't have to try hard to get a win against the Sens and they probably aren't very tired. Skate hard, play harder, crisp passes and score a lot of goals. Most importantly...WIN THE GAME DAMNIT! <_< *Shakes Fist*

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