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Game #18 - Flyers @ Canadiens November 16th 2010


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Been waiting for this game for a while now, Have to go to dads so i wont have my center ice BUT I WILL HAVE VERSUS woot i love versus they actualy give a damn about hockey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woot. It shocks me :) but anyways

This game should be a tough one for both teams. Both teams are extremely hot, especially the flyers. Our defense needs to be tight tonight the best they've played all season, Watching the last few Montreal games, i think we can. We are ready for revenge. Light up their goalie. Price just keep being you. Montreal's smurfs play to your advantages be quick and fast and whatever you do DONT PLANT GIO IN FRONT OF THE NET. We don't need pronger injuring lil smudge. We all see what he does in front of the net, i miss him on the ducks ): but i want gio and our team to play good smart and fast hockey. Go habs Go! this is probably my longest post in a few weeks! :P

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I think it's a bit of a testament to how well the Habs have been playing that I'm really looking forward to this game. The last two games against good teams, Vancouver and Boston, were not only Habs victories but they were also really entertaining hockey games to watch.

Two hot teams facing off against each other, with a bit of a playoff rivalry to boot... can you ask for anything better as a hockey fan? :)

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Going to be an extremely tough game tonight....but we got to take full advantage of Prices goaltending, and Philly playing on back to back nights, they will be tired, so we got to get the powerplay going again, I know not having Markov is a pain, but we need to play with everything we got!! to beat PHILLY........ALLEZ LES TRICOLORS!!!

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As expected, no change in Habs line up for tonight except of course on D . So lines will be as follows:










Boyd scratched, Markov Injured

PP line 1:



PP line 2:



Fryers note: one less trouble maker to deal with, Carcillo is out for at least 2 weeks after hurting his knee in last night's game against Ottawa.

I am back!!! Thanks CRB for helping me get back on here.

Go Habs Go!!! Tonight the Flyers are going down!!!!

Hear Hear ! :D

Welcome back

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