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Game #21 | Montreal @ Philadelphia | Mon. Nov 22, 2010 7:00pm


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Since this is a game that is a little more special than the others so far, I thought I'd do something a little different for the GDT. For those of you who prefer normal text, you can find the tale of the tape here.

Note: same lineup as for Saturday's game i.e. Weber on the 4th line and Darche not playing

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Ok CRB...how in the hell did you do this. :lol:

This is wayyyyyyyyyy too cool....awesome new look to the GDT....hats off to ya girl. :D

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OK CRB...just came across this :lol: :lol: will fit right in nicely in your surperb GDT...but please note...yours is 100% much better...check it out though. :P

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Flyers DO suck though so that clip is relevant :D


Lets Go Habbies...GO Subban.PKSUBBAN.jpg

I changed it to a link as it's not directly related to a Habs-Flyers matchup.

No problem. B)

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That was cool though how you did that above CRB...must have took some time making that,huh?

FH - I like that video too except for the Penguin part of it.

aw come on FH, pens suck too! :lol:

:lol: all I finding is those damm pens.

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This is genius CRB! Great job on it.

We all know this game is going to be a tough one. Part of me wants us to be the better man sort of thing and just play really well but then there is the part of me that wants them to just beat them to a pulp. I'm hoping we can find a middle ground.

Go Habs!! B)

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After the last meeting...I'm all pumped for this tilt...but it just may be me,thinking that all the hype with Richards remarks regarding P.K.....may amount to really nothing coming of it.

Either way...really do not want anyone headhunting Subban...be awful to lose him,whether its injury or something else.

Well see soon enough...GO HABSSSSSSSS

They cant match the Fryers in goonery and it would be a mistake to fall into that trap.


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I just want the Habs to play their own game. They cant match the Fryers in goonery and it would be a mistake to fall into that trap. Skate like the wind and put puck in net is all they need to do :D

This, a million times. Eller/Pyatt last night gave me hope, and Spacek was better than he has been. If Spacek and Hamrlik can keep the top on things, Lappy doesn't have one of those nights, Carey's in the zone, and we don't fall for any dirty business from Richards/Betts/Powe/Pronger, I think it will look like an alright night. Knock on wood :P.

I hope P.K. comes out and shows Philly who REALLY deserves respect. And if the thugs try something, the league had better sort its head out and start with the suspensions. Pre-meditated, announced-in-the-media hit jobs cannot be tolerated.

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Great GDT CRB you have outdone yourself this time hope it's a winner

We have played about a quarter of the season

We are winning and here's the reason

We have Carey who is like a wall

Catches pucks like a fiend and standing real tall

We have to best centre man in the league

Pleks works so hard with no signs of fatigue

Cammi is just getting back in the groove

He knows what to do just to prove

That he one of our best wingers by far

Gio is about the same they are both on a par

AK is playing as hard as he can

When we need him he'll be the man

Gomez things are getting better for you

When we need you most you will come through

Halpern we see the way you play

Keeps us happy day after day

Pouliot you are really picking things up

At your age it would be nice to win a cup

Pyatt I know you are doing your best

Your working hard no time to rest

Darche you don't always get time on the ice

But when you do you play really nice

Lars I like the way you try

You will get there by and by

Laps you know you can do some good

Just try a bit harder if you could

Moen just keep soldiering on

Keep playing hard you can't go wrong

Your extra long reach Gill gets the puck away

Maybe you will learn to skate someday

Josh I wander do you have pain

You have lost something that you need to regain

Spacek and Hammer our Czeck twins

You know he who dares is the one that wins

Picard of you we haven't seen a great deal

Just play hard and your place you will seal

Webber you are just getting your chance

You are not doing bad for the first glance

Boyd I hope you can play with the team

You try really hard but you have to be mean

PK they say you should learn some respect

When they can play like you do they have to earn it not expect

So we are up against those cheese puffs again

We have to win a loss would cause some pain


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Another great poem,courtesy of maddie. :D

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