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I would imagine there are pleny of Habs fans that have relocated to other NHL cities. Although my heart belongs in Montreal, I also root for another NHL in their respected city. So, I have two differant teams to root for. However, under the respected other team's jersey I'm wearing a Habs jersey. At least I'm not alone in this manner. In addition, there are many of us that have favorite NHL players that plays for other teams. I would imagine these fans follow the other teams, too. And it's more convient to wajch a live game in their respected cites rather than travel hundreds of miles to watch the Habs. Moreover, with today's technology, we Habs fan can catch a game anywhere, whatever it be TV,radio,internet,or mobile phone. The options are endless. Although, I must admit, watching these other teams are not as exciting as watching the Habs.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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