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Game # 27 - Sharks Vs Canadiens Sat. December 4th, 2010 - Cbc & Rds 2pm


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Sorry, I forgot the game started so early today. I didnt get a chance to make anything fancy.


I think you did a great job !

We wont know until right before the game if martin changes his lineup or not (i.e. if Subban plays) seeing that yesterday was an optional practice and there's no morning skate today. I would be hard pressed to guess because there are good arguments for both situations.

In the end, who dresses up is not my concern, what is are the 2 points. Who ever plays with whom:


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Beauty thread, moosehead!

I agree with CRB: I'm glad it's not my decision regarding the line up for tonight. This see-sawing habit of ours, alternating wins with losses, is nerve-wracking. It's as if at any minute we'll start some sort of streak, but the nature of which is still anyone's guess.

I hate December. :angry:

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I really like the Game Day Thread

We'll forgive you for being late Moosehead

I sat up half the night waiting for this

This was one GDT i didn't want to miss

I loved the last time we played San Jose

One of the best games I've seen to this day

Although the score wasn't in our favour

This is the sort of game I savour

Price was stopping Heatly without a stick

If we have to win one this is my pick

I don't care who is on the lines

For me this is one of those times

I just want our A team to be there

Whom evers playing I don't care

I just know we have to score

Lots of goals and a few more

This is when Cammi should get out of his rut

This is a winner if I can trust my gut

Game time is just a few hours away

I just can't wait to see my HABS play


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Woah! Early game, eh? Actually, it's good 'cus at least I'll be able to watch some of it before heading out (to see Harry Potter, teehee!)

Go Habs!!!

Just get some of the magic going our way and we will forgive you for going to see Harry Potter when you grow up I will show you real magic


Harry potter indeed the HABS are playing for heavens sake :blink: :blink:

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awkward lol

Nothing awkward about it what I meant was the magic of the world if he likes H Potter so much that he will miss a HABS game for it,then he can't appreciate the magic of life he is far too young , I mean he will miss the game real life for a fantasy,fantasy is great but when it gets in front of great real life experience boy that's sad, but I was only teasing anyway,I don't know if Otto is taking his(might be hers) children to see the film then that is the most important thing,I was only trying to be funny.But we just want some of the magic


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Similar results like the game we had last year on this day would be greatly appreciated :P

Niittymaki or Niemi, I feel like we can beat them so long as we are able to play a sound game against the rest of the team.

Good Luck Carey and Go Habs!

Feels really weird to be watching a hockey game this early, especially when you've slept in.

And good job on the GDT moosehead!

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Gorges is not 100% as we could have noticed in the past couple of weeks. It will be decided after the warmup who of Weber, Subban or Gorges sits this one out. The forwards lines remain unchanged.


I would rather have Georges at 85-90%, than one of the others at 100%. I hope he can go..as the Fish are big and like to hit. :angry: and JG is one of our top shut-down guys. :)

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