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Game #31: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 Flyers @ Canadiens 7:30 Pm


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There aren't enough asterisks in the forum database to express how ticked off I am right now.


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this game is making me crazy

i genuinely HATE that call, to me thats never a penalty. its s stick check!!!! thats what your supposed to do according to the rules!! its a good hockey play...and its become a penalty. the stick breaks and its a penalty, it makes zero sense to me.

horrible pass by spacek to cause that in the first place, and horrible clearing attempt by hammer to put it right on JVR stick


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There should've been a high stick called in the flyers end... But no, it ends up being a PP for the flyers.


the high stick is not even a subjective call. it's a no-brainer and it looks like the ref is right there watching it. That call has to be made 100% of the time and it was ignored... this is 3 games in a row where the refs have affected the outcome.

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