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Holiday Greetings


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Happy Holidays to all in Habland!

Here are some wishes for my Habs in the new year:

1. some physical forwards to help our smaller forwards up front so they can play their games. And if the big guys have some talent, the better.

2. shore up the defense, not just with young talent, but with players who can step in and help right away who are in their prime. And keep the heat off of Price.

3. coach sees that playing a defensive style should include keeping up the offense at all times. At least try to. It not only keeps the other guys bottled up, but leads to scoring chances for us.

4. speaking of Price, continued good play, and a solid backup goalie to spell him. I'm still not sold on who they have right now. I would prefer a bona-fide NHL goalie who can win some games and give Price a good rest and both can be sharp when called upon.

5. show more consistency. They need to beat those teams they should be able to beat, and give the top teams all they can handle, if not beat them consistently.

6. continued intelligent hockey discussions here among my fellow Habs fans. This forum has been a great one, and I for one would like to see it stay that way. Please criticize the opinion, not the person making it. And do so respectfully. And show fans of other teams who come here that we are the classiest hockey fans in the world.

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