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Game #47| Canadiens Vs. Sabres. 7:30pm| 18th January 2011


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great job beaubie

Yes we played last night but no excuses. Get the first goal early. Don't wait around & give them any confidence, especially Miller.

Let's win this one in regulation ;)

Nice job beaubie.

Maybe we can actually win this one by more than 1 goal eh?

Thanks and I concur :)

Tonight also marks Gio's birthday, so hopefully he'll score a couple for us.

We and he could use it.

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pouliot won't make it ):even the glorious pun on hio didn't make it better D:

Well, then it seems to be we'll have the same line up as last night? And Habs I/O is working for you? It won't load for me at all and I've been trying all morning. <_<

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TKS for the GDT Beaubie,,,, :)

From H I/O at 11:21 AM.

"We'll resist the temptation – OK, we won't resist – to say that Benoit Pouliot didn't wing to Buffalo with his teammates last night, the Canadiens forward still under the weather with flu-like symptoms."

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Hey Baubie I like your Game Day Thread

Please guys no heart attacks tonight,instead,

Lets win in three periods of play

Giving your all,all the way

Getting the puck to the goal

Every player playing his role

The D getting Carey's back

The O always on the attack

We need some guys to start earning their wages

This has been said on so many pages

We know you get tired,we get tired too

Sitting on the edge of our seats just watching you

We know it keeps the games exciting

But you have to watch the wall and read the writing

It's a difinite for the playoffs we want to be

Not hang around and wait to see

The time it is drawing near

When the team we hold so dear

Has to take the bull by the horns

Or forever wear a crown of thorns

So come on guys we need every thing you have got

A win tonight would mean such a lot


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I have a feeling we're going to need a whole lot of Carey awesomeness to leave Buffalo with 2 points.

Got the same feeling. I really don't like playing in Buffalo, can't remember watching a really good Habs-Sabres matchup... most of the time we flat out suck when we're down there.

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