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Game #47| Canadiens Vs. Sabres. 7:30pm| 18th January 2011


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I hate how they keep saying classy=lidstrom.

Because maybe he is????? <_<

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It figures. Talk about adversity. Maybe this will be good for the team in the long run. They've got to play sixty minute hockey no matter what and show these losers what class really is.

Now, now. Don't call them that. The Sabres are easily the best team in the ECHL.

But seriously, this is pathetic. There shouldn't be tolerance for garbage teams with zero playoff hopes like Buffalo intentionally injuring other players, or playing so recklessly to the same effect.

But this league tolerates a lot.

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Why's everyone getting hurt

cause were good at it? :angry::lol:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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