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Concussion maybe? :ph34r::unsure:

Sorry...maybe to many 548472.gif

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I could put together a much larger video montage of boarding hits, and checking from behind hits that did not result in injuries either. Does this mean Brooks Orpik shouldn't have gotten two games for delivering Erik Cole with a spinal injury?

The only way things will change is if NHL players collectively make a voice for change. The problem is a lot of these players are more concerned with becoming the next Chara than the next Pacioretty.

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No pre-nup needed, no marriage in the future. She has more $$$$ than me,,,,waaaaaaay more $$$$$. I just put-up with the cross that she bears. :P

So what your saying then is,,,, other then her disgusting taste in hockey teams,,,,she's a keeper. :lol: Don't listen to those fools who tell you money can't buy happyness. :P

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I posted earlier not who Cherry supported on the patches hit by chara, we all new he would support chara, but i was upset with all the video he showed. You know what this just may have back fired on the archaic announcer. The hit on patches, the reaction to the hit by many, cherry stupid comments and his slew of dangerous videos may just have been enough for the league and gms to take a hard look at the league and to hold players accountable. it may just have started with cook. I hope this doesn't stall and they lay down the boom even harder to headshots. I think it shoudl start at 10 games WITH INTENT and increase from there, i think two games for accidental shots to the head. Just like a high stick has a penality or shooting it over the glass for delay of game. YOU HAVE TO BE IN CONTROL.

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I think it shoudl start at 10 games WITH INTENT and increase from there, i think two games for accidental shots to the head. Just like a high stick has a penality or shooting it over the glass for delay of game. YOU HAVE TO BE IN CONTROL.

Not far off base here...and good points in bold.

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Could some one please explain why we are wasting space on our forum,having a thread for this moron

Retire Fairy retire :angry: :angry:

Wait till I start up a Milbury thread.

:lol:................Anyways maddie you are not alone on sharing your thoughts regarding Cherry,but there are some,as I who can stomach him.:lol:........he's very opinionated....like his stance or not.....I for one believe he makes sense in certain discussions.....yes,he goes overboard or over the top ......but thats Don.

Where he feels he has a lot to say about the game,and has been around it for some time now....I just wanted to hear members positive/negative thoughts on his hockey rants.

Yes,there are times when I feel he is off base.....but then there's many times I find myself agreeing with him......just my take.B)

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I thought it would be neat to start up a Don Cherry Thread...a place to post any info,positive or negative regarding Don Cherry.

Love him or hate him...,he's difinatly been a hockey presence....many out there cannot not take him...I can.

Feel free to express your thoughts of him in here.

We can discuss his views on certain hockey issues in here....so,on a positive note,which really gave me the idea of coming up with this thread...came across this story in my own back yard...

Pick-me-up: Cole Pender, who has a rare form of leukemia, excited to hear from commentator

QUISPAMSIS - When Cole Pender put his ear to the telephone just after 8 p.m. last Friday, a distinctive voice in Canadian hockey greeted him on the other end.

"It was 8:04," Cole, 7, said exuberantly, describing the exact moment that CBC Television commentator Don Cherry called him.

"He was just beaming from ear to ear," said Cole's mother, Kelli Pender. "He was so excited to talk to him."

Cole, a hockey fanatic, was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia in September.

On a recent afternoon at home, he curled into the corner of an oversized black couch in his living room, decked out in a Saint John Sea Dogs jersey and toque.

On the television, a Nintendo hockey game was on pause.

Pender said the call from Cherry, co-host of Coach's Corner, came about through a friend's family member who works at CBC. Originally, the family hoped Cole's name would be mentioned during a Coach's Corner episode, but instead Cherry decided to phone the Penders personally.

"It said 'private number' so I picked up the phone and they said, 'Hello, is Mrs. Pender there?' and I knew exactly who it was," Pender said.

"He said, 'Is Cole there, please?'

"He got on the phone and talked to him for a couple of minutes."

Cherry, known for his outspoken manner and flamboyant outfits, asked Cole about his favourite hockey team and player.

Seated in his living room, Cole quietly said the Pittsburgh Penguins are his favourite team, and named Sidney Crosby as his favourite player.

Cherry told Cole about his favourite team, the Boston Bruins, and asked the seven-year-old if he knew who Bobby Orr was.

When asked the same question about the all-star Boston Bruins defenceman Thursday, Cole's response was a quiet "No."

Pender said she also got to chat with Cherry, a former Boston Bruins coach.

"He just sounded exactly like he did on TV. You just knew his voice," she said.

"I got on afterwards and he just told me his son had some health problems as well when he was younger and then he said he was going to send Cole a package in the mail so we're just anxiously awaiting that."

Cole said he was surprised to receive a phone call from the well-known commentator, and said he also recognized his voice right away.

"Guess what Don Cherry goes like," Cole said in a tiny voice, before giving a thumbs-up sign - a trademark of Cherry's.

Pender said she's not a big hockey fan, but it's something her husband David, Cole and his five-year-old brother Ben enjoy together.

She said Cole was just starting out on a novice team when he was diagnosed in the fall.

"I want to play goalie," he said, clutching a pillow with a case decorated with dancing green turtles.

"I like to check people," he added, smiling.

Cole received his Sea Dogs jersey, signed in silver ink by all the players on the team, at a recent game, he said.

His favourite player on the local team?

"Nathan Beaulieu," Cole said, now nuzzled into his mother's lap.

Pender said Cole will undergo treatment for another two years, and that the family is currently travelling back and forth from Quispamsis to Halifax's IWK Health Centre.

Tears swelled in her eyes as she described the thrill her son felt by the phone call - a feeling she said the family will never forget.

"It was really nice to see him just light right up," she said.

"He had a great big smile on his face."

Don Cherry is a giant amongst the media involved in hockey,he has the heart of a Lion King.

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Could some one please explain why we are wasting space on our forum,having a thread for this moron

Retire Fairy retire :angry: :angry:

Hey maddie,,,,at least you can choose to ignore this thread. I actually have to come in here. I'd love nothing more then to lock and burn this thread. Thanks again FH. :P:P:lol:

P.S. Stop bumbing this sucker up. I keep hoping it will get lost on page 2. :lol:

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Cherry Bob Cole is well past his expiry date for TV. He called Luongo Lulongo and Bieksa Bieska for the millionth time tonight on CC.

Perhaps? ;):P

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I wasn't giving my opinion on Cherry as a human being but as a hockey commentator,I feel he wants it to be a fighting game not a skilled game,he has too many biases to be objective and for a commentator that is not right,CBC commentators on the whole are very biased and not very good,You have to remember I wasn't brought up with this so I don't have the memories of those days before,so all I see is what is in front of me now and what I see is some one who rants and raves,shouts people down, calls people names, spouts off about other races and can't even get the names right.

He calls people out for being themselves,puts players down because they are not North American,and as far as I can see he is too old to be doing what he is doing,I would like to see some one with a more up to date perspective,who is more objective and can deliver in a way that is understandable,as for his dress I don't really mind that at all,I think it's funny and if he want to dress that way,hey live as you want to live.

As for the person he is I don't know enough about him,but I never judge anyway,as long as he is kind never mean or cruel, compassionate then he is a good person,that's what I always try to be and that is what i set my standards by.

Hey you have got me all serious here

GO HABS GO :lol: :lol:

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