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Game # 59 | Montreal Vs Edmonton | Thursday Feb. 17th @ 9:00pm Est


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Nice thread.

I hate west coast games because I always have to wait until morning to find out the score! Hopefully I'm starting off Friday on the right foot...it's all up to you, Habs!

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Your GDT Baubie is really cool

Do you take computer science in school

I love the slick intermediate oil patches

A bit like our team in recent matches

I am trying to forget what happened before

But of that first period I want to see more

That period was a thing of absolute beauty

It was like my team were writing poetry

Sheer symmetry on the ice

No goals let in by goalie Price

So much skill so much speed

Every thing a coach could ever need

Now we are on a 3 game road trip

Now we have to really get a grip

Play every period like that last number one

It will mean success and a lot of fun

So come on HABS get out there and win

Or home ice advantage is in the bin


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6tlmdd.jpg...beaubie on the cool GDT.:P
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107559983-218x150.jpg...LETS GO HABSSSSSSSSSSSS
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