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Game #60 - Canadiens @ Flames, February 20th, 2011 , Heritage Classic


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Defenceman Hal Gill and forward Michael Cammalleri practised at full speed and are expected to be in the lineup tomorrow. Gill missed four games with an upper-body injury, while Cammalleri sat for a dozen with a shoulder separation.

Forward Mathieu Darche and Tomas Plekanec didn't practise; Darche is listed as day-to-day with an undisclosed injury -it's thought to be a nagging groin issue -while Plekanec rode a stationary bike and stretched.

Defenceman Paul Mara skated with his new/old team, delighted to be back in the fold after being acquired in the wee hours of Thursday from the Anaheim Ducks.

James Wisniewski wore a cage for practice. A plastic shield would have fogged up in a few seconds in the morning's minus-24 temperatures. Head coach Jacques Martin said Wiz will be re-evaluated Sunday morning, at which time a decision will be made on any participation in the 4 pm MT game.

After practice, the Habs returned defenceman Brendon Nash to the Hamilton Bulldogs after his two-game callup.



We have been kindly invited by a Flames Message Board member to join in on the conversation on their side.

I’m not sure how many of you will be interested, but I thought that it was a neat idea.

If you do venture to those parts, please, remember to be respectful.

Flames Message Board

Their members have been invited to join us in our thread as well.

Please be nice in welcoming all those who do wish to converse.

Enjoy the game everyone, and go Habs go!

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Nice job on the Classic GDT Forza......awesome .:D

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Thanks FH, Clues Did Half Aswell

Well then...congrats goes out to her also.:P

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Forza Clues your GDT is magic

More than good enough for a Heritage Classic

I think that all on here will agree

A vote of thanks we send to thee

I really don't like all the hype

This kind of game isn't my type

We need to win and get some points

But I'm more worried about my teams joints

Are all our players truly well

Will they admit it will they tell

Will they play because of what this game is

Can your face stand the cold our guy Wiz

Pleks didn't practice yesterday

Is he really fit to play

Any game is really hard

Without playing it in a yard

I am excited it will be great to see

But I would be home at the bell if it was up to me


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Nice thread...hopefully the Habs can ignore the hype and play a simple, effective game.

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Come on guys you are on one of the games biggest stages

We need another win to add to our history pages

Carey today you have to out save the Kipper

The competition you know will never get that much stiffer

Gio today you have to lead my example

The willingness is there but the goals,not ample

Cammi we hope you are okay to shoot

It would be nice to give your old team the boot

Gomez you say your tough and don't feel the cold

But you are not young anymore your getting quite old

Patches you have to shoot and skate really fast

You have to score if you want your popularity to last

AK you know you have to generate some heat

You could be hot stuff if you didn't keep getting beat

DD you know you could be the man

You will always try you will always say I can

Darche I don't think your ready to play

Take it easy ,there will always be another day

Pouliot you have increased you ethic by 2 hundred percent

Just remember your a HABS now, not for rent

Lars they haven't found the right spot for you yet

But they will you can make a bet

Pyatt today you could be riding pine

Don't worry you will make it down the line

Halpern we need the best you can be

Face offs are dropping,that's not we need to see

Moen we know you keep battling on

But I'm afraid the best is all gone

White we like to see you give your all

I think you will still be here come fall

Spacek we will miss you in this game

Your work ethic like Hammers is always the same

Webber you are what a rookie should be

Playing hard is what it means to me

PK we all know you are the best

Just do your thing forget the rest

Wiz we all hope you are feeling great

You need to shoot you cannot wait

Picard we don't always appreciate you

So just keep on doing what you do

Nash I think you will not be here long

But that's only temporary,just keep getting strong

Gill you really have to stand by your man

Co's they will shoot anyway they can

Pleks about you I am really worried

If you are hurt rest don't be hurried

If there is anyone I haven't mentioned

There is no slight it wasn't intentioned

So come on guys this is one big game

But we need the point's just the same


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Was just over at the Flames board checking out their lineup, and was a bit surprised to see that they have decent depth up front:

Tanguay - Morrison - Iginla

Glencross - Jokinen - Moss

Bourque - Stajan - Jackman

Hagman - Backlund - Kostopoulos

Just a year ago I thought I remember seeing Stajan centering the top line. Despite being overpaid, the fact that he's probably more where he should be on the third line is a good sign for the Flames.

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Oh and I was wondering,that I can't see my avatar or my sig,do you guys see it?

I dont know what you did for your avatar but for your signature, you have to use the

[img= ]

tags and a valid url. You didn't use the tags and the url you have there is all messed up. It should read


to display


But the thing is, you can not use this image as is because it's larger than the 450 x 150 pixels limit allowed on this forum.

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