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Whites Or Colours At Home?


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  1. 1. Should the home team wear whites or colours?

    • Whites
    • Colours
    • Some combination of both

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I was just wondering what everybody preferred. Originally I believe it was colours at home, it was then changed to whites at home, and then since 2003 it has been back to colours at home. I don't think it's ever consistently enforced though.

From what I can tell, the whites at home convention was to break up the monotony for the home fans who were basically seeing their team versus some team in white every night. The colours at home convention apparently helps with jersey sales since it lends itself better to using 3rd jerseys.

What do you prefer?

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Personally I was thinking the NHL could probably do a compromise. Maybe whites at home one year, colours at home the next. Or, they could switch it up at the all-star break every year... whites at home for the first half of the season, colours at home for the second half (or vice versa). I just want some kind of consistent convention that doesn't change... the random changing of jerseys annoys me. It probably annoys the equipment staff as well for needing to bring both on road trips.

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Since I watch all 82 games each season and I go to road games as much as home games, I don't really care one way or the other.

As somebody who maybe makes it to 1 game a year and then watches the rest on TV, it doesn't make much difference to me either. It's just the OCD part of me that hates the randomness of it all. :)

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Call me old fashioned or just plain old but white at home & red on the road.

I agree with this one. It's tradition. I'd love to see a return to whites at home, and no more 3rds except for single-season throwbacks during anniversaries.

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:lol: I don't give a hoot.
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