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How Well Does Gary Bettman Know Hockey

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Given all these comments and how he has handled himself in the past I have to question how much does bettman know when it comes to the sport we all love. It seems to me he knows absolutely nothing about hockey. I would agrue that the average canadian knows more about hockey then gary bettman. if someone could please tell me what credentials he has that would got him this job as commissioner please show me them because as far as i can tell he knows nothing.

Hockey in pheonix??? atlanta???

his reaction to the chara hit.

its part of the game a good hit... it was interference last time i checked thats illegal in hockey so how is it part of the game..

I really hope Molson lays down the law to bettman because he is dragging this sport lower and lower to the ground....

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inb4.jpg........stolen from breathe,:lol:...but I like it.
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How about Fehr? His comments seem to be cliche in accordance with the culture Bettman has embraced... now how "extraordinary" is that ;)

From some fans and sports analysts perspective the top brass on both sides are doing a great job and others a bust... from a business perspective based on profits and revenues Bettman is a "star" in the minds of the owners.

The game integrity is not relevent... unless of course you see that some things never change regardless of the human injury impact.

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